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Networking can be nerve-racking. You can either see it as a room full of strangers with a lot going on, OR you could see it as a room full of opportunities and prospects. Either way, there’s a lot to wrap your head around ahead of your first ever meeting. That's why it pays to be prepared about business networking, and to have an idea of what to expect.

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Are you anxious about attending your first networking meeting? It can be very daunting walking into a meeting room for the first time, even for networking veterans. Nerves aren’t a bad thing! They show that you care and are invested in your business, which is something that your prospects want to see. Who wants to work with someone who doesn’t care about their own business? It doesn’t bode well for their clients.

Do your research and read up on other people going to the meeting on LinkedIn – it’ll equip you with some ready-made conversation starters, and hopefully help with any nerves! It’ll also help you decide who you’d like to speak to first, as you’ll know who fits into your ideal audience.

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