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Are you new to networking, and looking to find a bunch of likeminded businessfolk to get to know and bounce ideas off? And hopefully even find some work through?

As the first big step in your networking journey, are you looking to find a group in your area, but aren’t really sure where to start your search?

Networking groups are great for getting your business out there, and building relationships with prospects and potential advocates. But it can be tough – and pretty nerve-racking – to get started.

There’s a whole host of in-person and online networking groups out there these days, so it can be quite a task to find one that really suits you. But there will be something that ticks your boxes, and it might be closer than you think!

Here at, we have a LOT of networking experience, and we’ve been to more than our fair share of groups over the years – online and in the flesh. We’ve made networking into a steady income stream, so we really can say that we know it works.

We’re here to tell you how and where you can find your tribe, just like we did.


How big do you want your group to be?

First things first, we all know that size matters!

Heading to your first networking group can be a bit daunting…you’re surrounded by strange faces in a new place, and you’re really having to put yourself out there. This can be really uncomfortable for some people. Does it sound familiar?

If you feel this way then a smaller networking group might be the best option for you first off, with fewer people to deal with. This also allows for deeper relationships to be made.

If you’re perfectly at home in a big room full of new people, and see it as an exciting challenge to get to know everyone, you may be better suited to a larger group! You’ll be able to speak to many more people and get your brand out there much faster, but it’ll take longer to build those meaningful connections.

It’s important to know what kind of group you’re looking for before you begin your search, as there’s no point wasting time hunting for the wrong thing.

If the option you go for doesn’t end up being the right one for you then there’s no need to panic – you can always try a different group! It really isn’t the end of the world, and there will always be positives to take from it.

Finding local networking groups is key to success

Whether you’d like to network online or head to an in-person event, it’s a good idea to start local when it comes to networking.

Local connections will give your business a firm grounding, and by making lots of local contacts, you can really get your business out there – word will travel fast!

That’s because once people get to know, like and trust you, even if they don’t choose to work with you themselves (as your offering may not be relevant to their needs), they’ll start putting business your way by referrals, and you’ll be able to tap into your new connections’ local networks, that are also local to you!

In our opinion at, establishing roots in your local community is absolutely vital to success. We’re not saying that you should stay local forever, though – in fact, we attend networking groups all over the UK and across the pond, so there’s nothing to say you can’t venture further afield in your networking once you’ve got going with a local group!

How to hunt for local networking groups

There are a couple of key places where you can do your research when looking for a local networking group…

The first port of call should be people you already know! Ask your friends, family members, past and present colleagues, industry connections, anyone you can think of.

Has anyone you’ve worked with in the past, or maybe studied with, joined an industry-specific group that you might be interested in? Does anyone you know professionally go networking, such as an accountant, solicitor, business coach or HR advisor you’ve worked with?

Keep an eye out on your social channels – are people you know already networking in the local area? Ask them about their group and see if there’s space for you to go along!

Have a look on LinkedIn and Google for local groups, and see if you know anyone who’s part of one of them. If so, speak to them to find out more – they’ll probably be really happy talking to you about it. If you don’t have any connections who are part of a local networking group, reach out to group leaders to find out more information – they’ll be more than happy to help you.


Go forth and find your tribe!

So, work out what kind of group you’d like to join, use contacts you already have, make use of the wealth of information we have at our fingertips online, and keep it local – at least for now.

If you’re still not sure how to start your search for a local networking group and need a helping hand, we’re here at to get you heading in the right direction – simply click on our Contact page to get in touch, quickly and easily.

And, once you find a group you think ticks all your boxes, go along and talk to people! Get to know them, learn about their businesses, and tell them about yours. Be authentic, invest time in becoming an effective networker, and you will be just fine.

If you want to learn a bit more before you go, why not download our free networking guide for novices, so you can make the most of your first networking meeting?

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