New to networking? Here’s how to hit the ground running and toss those nerves aside

Find out what successful networkers do on our networking course, so you can make it work for you, too!

Are you apprehensive about stepping into your first-ever networking meeting?

Doing anything for the first time can be nerve-racking, most people would agree with that!
Starting a networking course with will help you to network with confidence.

Here at, we agree that there are lots of things to be nervous about in this world – but having been to more than our fair share of meetings over the years, we can safely say that networking’s not one of them, trust us.

By entering the world of networking, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to:

  • Increase your network of business contacts
  • Identify and attract more of the right clients
  • Work with people you like and grow your business!

We want you to be in the best possible position to achieve your business goals, and as far as we’re concerned, that means you need to network. We’ve helped many business owners just like you to get referrals and win substantial amounts of work through networking, and we want you to experience that same success.

Here at, we’ve built entire courses around maximising every networking meeting, and we’d love for you to make the most of that material.

By throwing yourself into the deep end with a networking course with us, you’ll soon know what to do to prepare for meetings, know how to network with confidence, and find out who you should be talking to for the best results.

How can I network with confidence?

If you’re feeling nervous about networking, make sure you aren’t putting too much pressure on yourself. In short, you’re just having a chat with a few like-minded business owners about your business and theirs – easy, right?

Set yourself manageable targets – if that’s to speak to one person, then so be it! To keep yourself calm, walk into the room and head straight for the drink station, where you can scan the room, make yourself a drink, and maybe even break the ice with someone right there and then. It’s much easier to talk about the biscuits than business when you’re feeling anxious.

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How do I know who I should be talking to?

By researching who will be at your networking meeting ahead of the day, you should have a good idea of who would be a good fit for your business – your ideal audience. It makes sense to speak to people who you think could turn into prospects, as then you’ll start getting a return on the time and money you’re spending on networking!

It’s easy to discount people who don’t look like a natural fit, but the most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t strike anyone off your list of people to talk to, as you never know who might introduce you to the best client you’ve ever worked with.

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You’ve got this!

Go forth and network!

Your business will thank you if you do.

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