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Discover wonderful words from our cracking clients and graduates about their networking success below!

When people we work with say something great about us, we can't help but share it! Especially when it's about their networking success, as that's what we're here to help them achieve - and you.

Take a look at some of the wonderful words people have said about the Academy, the DARWIN Difference Guarantee and our great Community right here.

“Thank you! Great suggestions [for my 60-second pitch]!”

Afshan Baksh, Director – Transformation Space

“I found the coursework indispensable… thank you, Michael”

Simon Dunscombe – Managing Director – itecopeople

“Mikey and the DARWIN Academy came along at the right time. The Academy gave me the tools and clarity about what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. It’s definitely given me the confidence to approach networking in the right way, so if you’re new to networking or want to network better, I’d definitely recommend you join us here at the DARWIN Networking Academy.

Roderick Sam, Financial Adviser – Goldby Wealth Management

“I’ve ALREADY had referrals as well as work from it. Thanks Mikey!”

Katy Osborne, Director – KOVA Business Support

“I've had my best year ever (in 13 years in business). I can confidently say that my focus on business networking has been key to that. Thank you! ”

Recent Academy Graduate

“I joined the Academy to sharpen my skill set in how I present myself in networking meetings. So far, the course has helped me refine my 60-second pitches, kickstarted my 1-2-1 activity and pushed me to broaden the networking I do. Networking is key to growing my business and I need to stand out from the crowd, catch people’s attention and make sure they have an easily memorable request from me.”

Bob Grace, Personal Travel Consultant – Not Just Travel, Bob Grace

“Mikey’s course is fabulous – hard work – he makes you really reflect and think and encourages you to put together the best version of everything – great guidance.”

Afshan Baksh, Director – Transformation Space