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Do you find a lot of networking groups you attend don’t feel like a family? Or, perhaps you’ve met a lot of people who aren’t right for you.

Whatever the case, with the DARWIN.vip networking Community, you’re never alone.

Find out all about it below...

A networking Community for ambitious business owners and creatives, like you

Running a business is tough. But, we're all in the same boat, together.

We're all about supporting one another - and celebrating the highs, too!

Are you in need of a little support? That comforting arm around the shoulder when times are tough, or that boost of confidence when you’re unsure? And people to celebrate the highs with! You can find all this and more at the DARWIN.vip Academy's exclusive networking Community.

Whether you’re a business owner, franchisor or franchisee, freelancer, networking group leader or something else spectacular, it can often be quite a lonely journey, and feel like you’re going it alone.

But what if you could be part of something bigger? Full of people just like you, with shared values, big ideas, and a desire to achieve great success?

What we're all about

  • Support
  • Inspiration & Celebration
  • Knowledge

A group and so much more...

When you join our networking Community, you access a huge range of brilliant things. Not only will you meet a whole host of likeminded people who have all been through the DARWIN.vip Networking Academy, enabling you to expand your network, but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn new skills with exclusive access to our bonus bitesize course material that’s added to every month – there’s no extra charge, but lots of extra value. There’s no excuse not to grow your business!

Our Masterclasses offer the chance to meet leaders in their field, as we have a different special guest each month, presenting actionable advice to help you grow your business. We’re always open to suggestions if there’s someone specific you’d like to see on our stage!

On top of that, come along to our Open Events and meet even more new people! These events are open to non-members, too, so make the most of it and tell them all about your business. Don’t worry, Academy and networking Community members always have priority at these events.

If you’re fed up of going to the same event every time and want to get to know new people properly, you’ll be pleased to hear that our Community regularly gets together for our invite-only BIG-LITTLE events. Yes, the name is an oxymoron, but these meetings are intimate enough for you to get to know people properly, creating the ideal environment for turning online associations into real-life relationships.

And something else you miss out on as a one-(wo)man-band is… you guessed it, a Christmas party! That’s why every year, we hold our BIG Christmas Do, where our whole Community is invited to come along and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year together. That’s better than a Greggs Festive Bake and mince pie for one, right?!

Grow your network, expand your knowledge, enjoy all sorts of events, and meet the experts! What’s not to love?

Join the DARWIN Networking Academy today!

How do you join our networking Community?

Graduate from any of our courses and you’ll be invited to join our exclusive networking Community as soon as you complete your course.

Why is it exclusive to Academy graduates only?

We want to make this a Community that’s different to any other out there with graduates who are serious about helping one another build confidence, achieve more and help each other grow.

In the Community, you’ll join forces with a range of professional networkers and business owners, in an encouraging and uplifting space.

We are building a fantastic networking Community where you can be open, authentic and get the support you need, at every stage.  

To join us in the DARWIN.vip Academy's networking Community, you need to complete one of our courses first. Why? Our Community is made up of people who are committed and know how to help one another grow.

Find out more about the Academy here.

Have you graduated from one of our courses?

Networking Community membership comes in two flavours – online and all-access.

Keep me online

Check out the Online-Only Member Pass to access all of our online meetings and content. To join our big face-to-face get-togethers, with the Online-Only membership, you’ll have to pay for each event individually. 

Want to go all in and to save money?

Check out the All-Access Pass, which gives you complete access to all our networking community's online and real-life events.