Meet Our Networking Team


Michael – The Big Picture Maker

Michael, the top dog in our networking team, started his marketing consultancy in 2011. Since then, he has run, led and grown many networking events. It has become his most consistent and most profitable way to generate business. Since 2011, he has taught ambitious business owners how to simplify the way they communicate, get more referrals and make networking work for them. Want to make networking work for you, too? You know who to speak to!  And we even commit to delivering success, with you, or your money back, with the DARWIN Difference Guarantee.


Kelly – The Copy Creator

Kelly is a key member of our networking team. She helps to promote the community, promote you and share our networking knowledge. She ensures that Michael's excitement and enthusiasm turn into readable, digestible advice and copy for our members and visitors. Like crafting top-quality course content to help you achieve your networking goals! We really hope you've enjoyed the course content you've seen so far. Let us know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see added to the Academy next!


Kate – The Coder

As someone who has been working on websites and applications for many years, Kate is the lady who makes our roadmap a reality for our members and visitors, so that we continue to be the best place to do business. Hopefully you won't find any glitches on this website but if you do, let us know and we'll get Kate to sort it, pronto!


Katy – The Event Maker

Katy ensures that our members have a fantastic time at our in-person events. With an extensive hospitality and events background, she's the one who helps ensure that our events go without a hitch - want to join us at one of our events? Explore our Taster Events page and find out how you can come along and meet our networking team!