How to plan for success and make the most of your networking opportunities in 2023

Do you want to make more of your networking meetings in 2023?

It’s the last working week before Christmas for many people, so tonnes of things are winding down – including networking events! Are you finding that your calendar’s a little clearer in the run-up to the most wonderful time of the year?

This is good if so, as it means you’ve got more windows of opportunity to tie up all those loose ends before clocking off for Christmas, along with a chance to reflect on how far you’ve come this year!

With the tail end of the pandemic and a financial crisis to contend with, 2022 has been an interesting year for business owners and the self-employed to say the least… but surely if you’ve managed to weather those two huge challenges thus far, that must mean that the only way is up in 2023?

With that in mind, how are you feeling about heading back to the office after the Christmas break? Are you ready to get cracking with your big plan for success in 2023?

If you’re yet to draw it up, make time to create that all-important plan before you activate your out-of-office auto-response! You don’t want to be starting a brand-new year on the back foot. By knowing what 2023 is likely to bring, you can get excited about it over Christmas and really get to grips with your goals and aspirations – the world really is your oyster.

Here at, we should know, as over the past 11 years, Michael Thomas, our founder and MD, has attended and led many networking groups. In fact, before the pandemic, he attended well over 100 meetings each year! And in doing so, he built a consistent pipeline of new business. Now, he wants to share all his networking know-how with you, so you can enjoy the same success he’s managed to.


Take control of your future networking success

So, to help you get your networking plan for success in ship shape before the year even begins, we have a free guide we’d like to share with you that’ll really help you to make more of your networking in 2023 and beyond. In this guide, learn how you can:

  • Boost your network
  • Get more referrals and 121s
  • Grow your business

Download your free guide right here

Even if you’ve been networking for a while now, we’re pretty sure you’ll learn a nugget or two that’ll help you to get even better at it and make attending events even more worthwhile. What have you got to lose? And there really is so much to gain.

Get your free guide, right now, by clicking on the button below – and make 2023 the year that networking becomes a key revenue stream for your business. With a little spare time and everything you need to know in our complimentary guide, you can do whatever you put your mind to. And if you need a helping hand so you can plan for success next year, the team is always here.

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