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Your franchisees could be leaving money on the table at networking events 

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Are your franchisees struggling to get the most out of their networking events?

It’s difficult as a franchisor to support every franchisee – you don’t want to spoon-feed them or hold their hand every step of the way, as ultimately, they’re running their own business! But their success is your success, too! And that means that helping them to build a more fruitful business is only going to benefit you.

Here at the Networking Academy, we can help your franchisees to make the most of their business networking meetings with our franchise training guide. In short, it'll help them to gain more work, and everyone wins. It’s that simple!

The founder of the Academy, Michael Thomas, has helped many franchisors to maximise their franchisees' potential, and he can do the same for you.

Are you ready for our franchisees to start reaching more of the right people, helping you to grow your business?

It's time to stop leaving money on the table at networking events. Instead, it's time to start building a more successful future for you and your franchisees. Our franchise training guide is here to help. And guess what? It's completely free for you to get your hands on, right here, right now.

This franchise training guide will help them to:

Identify their ideal audience, in their geographical area

Improve their networking skills

Master the follow-up

Want your franchisees to see more success?

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