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The secret to success at business networking meetings is out – are your franchisees making it work for them?

Help your franchisees master business networking meetings and generate more sales, with franchisee training

Learn our proven process, and help your franchisees to:

Network more confidently

Connect with more high-quality business prospects

Get more sales and referrals


The Networking Academy Solves the 8 Biggest Problems that So Many People Face with Business Networking, with Franchisee Training

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • Why is everyone else getting referrals?
  • Am I meeting the right people?
  • Why do my 60 seconds not generate enquiries for me?
  • How do I make networking virtually work for me?
  • Does networking even ‘work’ for us?
  • I do the presentations and no one passes referrals my way… why?
  • How do I do the ‘small talk’?
  • Am I wasting my time?

Help your franchisees get more from networking, with's franchisee training.

Do you want to help your franchisees generate more sales at business networking meetings with franchisee training? It’s a win-win, and therefore a no-brainer, surely?!

We get it – as a franchisor, you want to equip your franchisees with all the tools they need to build their very own business. You want to train them to master the processes, deliver great value for clients, AND build a profitable business, right?

Well, one of the most successful sources of new business for B2B franchises is business networking!

Is it an avenue you’ve thought about improving?

In case you’re unfamiliar with business networking, it offers the opportunity to meet other ambitious business owners who may become clients themselves to your franchisees.

Additionally, these likeminded business owners can also refer your franchisees to other local businesses who they’ve built up great relationships with already.

With business networking, you can reach many valuable contacts in one place.

It does work – we should know, as it has been the most consistent and profitable source of new business for us, and that’s without counting every single referral.

Here at the DARWIN Networking Academy, our franchisee training can help your franchisees to:

  • Get clear on what they offer
  • Gain confidence
  • Network naturally
  • Generate more sales.

Don't just take our word for it...

Take a look at our testimonials below from two franchisees who have mastered the art of networking and are reaping the rewards of becoming an Academy member – and don’t forget, anyone who enrols on on our Group, Fast-Track or Corporate Collection courses are protected by the DARWIN Difference Guarantee, meaning they’ll either get better at networking, or they’ll get their money back!

I joined the Academy to sharpen my skill set in how I present myself in Networking meetings. So far, the course has helped me refine my 60-second pitch(es), kick-started my 1-2-1 activity and pushed me to broaden the networking I do.

Networking is key to growing my business and I need to stand out from the crowd, catch people's attention and make sure they have an easily memorable request from me. It has helped me accomplish all of that.

Bob Grace
Personal Travel Consultant
Not Just Travel – Bob Grace

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  • VIP access to the the full Business Networking Course, workbooks and guides that are proven to deliver success
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