A freelancer’s guide to getting YOUR VERY OWN CLIENTS

(without recruiters, agencies - or a massive social media following)

Your free guide to freelancer freedom is here! It’s time to take the reins and find freelance work.

Want to find your own freelance work?

In that case, here’s how you can do it in three easy steps…

So, you’ve finally made that leap into the freelance world. The world is your oyster, right? Well, not if you’re struggling to find your own clients. And, undoubtedly, not if you're having to rely on agencies and recruiters to send freelance work your way.

Recruiters and agencies are great for finding creative freelance projects and producing a regular flow of work, but they always take a slice of your pie – and it never seems to be a sliver.

Indeed, it can be helpful when you’re finding your feet and don’t yet have many contacts, but at some point, it pays to find clients yourself. And then, in time, you get to keep all that hard-earned cash!

Here at the DARWIN.vip Networking Academy, we want to help you to:

Get what you deserve

Choose who you work with

Grow your freelance business

Your path to freelance freedom

It’s so disheartening when you’ve chosen to set out on your own, but you keep giving up a chunk of your income when if you had only managed to find those clients directly, you’d get to keep your entire fee.

Are you fed up with giving away that slice of the pie and want to devour that whole mouth-watering tart all on your own? In short, we know exactly how you can find freelance work and finally stand on your own two feet, as you’ve always wanted.

Here at the DARWIN.vip Networking Academy, we can show you the ropes and give you that freelance freedom you’ve been working so hard to get. That’s why we’ve created a guide specifically for freelancers like you. Oh, and we’re giving it away free of charge!

Whether you’re a copywriter, graphic designer, web developer or something else creative, listen up. It’s time to start growing your freelance business on your own terms – and it’s all down to an untapped resource, business networking.

Find the clients you want to work with, and pick the projects that get your juices flowing. You’ll not only enjoy your freelance work more and have the opportunity to grow your business much quicker, but you'll get paid what you deserve.

Download our freelancer’s guide to getting your very own clients, and learn how to become a networking pro for free in three easy steps.

Very soon, you’ll know how to:

  • Enter any room with confidence
  • Start key conversations
  • Meet the right people

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