What makes the DARWIN.vip Academy and Community different to other networking ‘stuff’ out there? And how will it benefit me?

The DARWIN.vip Academy is not what you’d expect. It's SO much more, very different and believe it or not, totally complementary – the goal of your course is to make networking less stressful and more successful for you. So, what you develop here will help you with every networking activity you take part in! Think of it like a Masterclass where you develop your skills AND a place where you'll build great relationships. It's an Academy and Community where you’ll get to know other members on three levels:

  1. By learning
  2. By moving forward, together
  3. By building much deeper relationships

My approach has made business networking one of the best and most consistent sources of new business for me – and through the Academy courses, I share everything I’ve learned over the years.

The DARWIN.vip Academy focuses on helping members to:

  1. Enter any 'room' with even more confidence and clarity
  2. Be in more of the right places
  3. Develop better relationships (and develop them much quicker)
  4. Make presentations easier to create, deliver and generate more referrals
  5. Make it pay – measure the ROI of networking using a tool I've developed

On top of that, the Academy is only going to grow, with more and more content, tools, members and subject-matter experts involved. Together, we can keep on moving forward, in our Community - the DARWIN Learning Community, or DLC, where we work together, we help and support each other, and we build deeper connections. Becoming a part of both will inevitably help you grow and generate the kind of referrals you really want.

How does the Group course work?

When your course starts, you’ll get access to:

  1. A bite-sized and results-focused online content with a new module each week
  2. A private group of fellow business owners sharing the journey with you, who you can get to know, support and share feedback with in-between meetings
  3. Weekly focused group Zoom meetings, to work together and celebrate success

You'll get access to new content online every Monday that's bite-sized and results-focused. The content and resources we’ve developed for you are top quality and it’ll help you put in place the proven principles and approaches that are designed to make networking work better for you. You’ll work with the group over eight weeks, so you won’t just be learning – you’ll be building some amazing, long-term business relationships, too. I fully expect that you’ll get business from the relationships you develop here.

When does the group course start?

Once course admissions close on the 17th of February, you will be sent information on available group sessions you'll be able to join. 

Rest assured, there will be one that fits in with your schedule - we always manage to accomodate everyone.

The course will officially start for you, w/c 13th March 2023. 

You'll be given access to some overview modules just before that kicks off to get the ball rolling. 

We'll keep you in the loop the whole time :).

What is the DARWIN Difference Guarantee?

I’m glad you asked! I’m so confident in the DARWIN.vip Academy’s courses that I’m offering a money-back guarantee if there is no visible improvement in your networking skillset. Yes, you did read that right!

Whether you choose the Group or Fast-Track, or Corporate collection course, I know that you have access to all the tools you need to become a better networker, which will help you to grow your business when you put them into practice.

To qualify for the DARWIN Difference Guarantee, first, we'll get you set up and work out where you are at initially. From that point onwards, show up and get stuck in, attend each weekly networking session, and do the work set out for you on your course.

It’s as simple as that.

You'll improve or get your money back – I guarantee it!

Find out more here

What happens when my course finishes?

It doesn’t stop there – you get so much more. When your course ends and you graduate, the Community comes into play. You'll be invited to join the DARWIN Learning Community (DLC). DLC membership is exclusive to graduates and only offered to those who've graduated and kept their subscription up-to-date. The DLC is where we meet regularly with renowned experts to learn, develop, share and celebrate successes!

Find out more about the Community right here!

What does the future hold for the DARWIN.vip Academy?

Our current aim – just like so many Academy members – is to grow! The bigger we get, the more value and support we can offer to existing and future members, the more we can invest in our courses and events, and the more business owners, freelancers, network organisers and franchisors we can reach and help!

We’d love to see more and more members meet, develop and grow together. It's all about making networking really work better, and helping members to build some incredible relationships. We have worked hard to build an amazing Community and Academy, together, from day one, and we hope you’re benefiting from that already, as the Academy is only going to get better!

How do I know this course will work for me?

A lot of online courses don’t work because they’re not designed like this...this Academy is completely different to any other online course you’ve experienced. The way we’ve built it, from the ground up, enables those who are willing to invest the time in improving their skills to reap the rewards and achieve better results.

Do you want to make the most of every networking opportunity? If the answer is yes, you’ll get more from this experience. The entire process is designed to keep you:

  • Focused
  • Accountable
  • Results-driven

Members who consistently show up and immerse themselves will:

  • Be first in line when new content is released and have priority access to the tools that will help them succeed.
  • Receive extra support from myself and the group.
  • Achieve the best possible results.

Will the Networking Academy be delivered online or do I have to travel?

To make it as convenient as possible for everyone enrolling on a DARWIN.vip course, and as members are likely to be based across the country – or even further afield! – course sessions are delivered online, on Zoom.

Sessions are lively, interactive and full of useful resources. Yes, meetings do have their serious moments, but they are also fun and enjoyable, with a great group of like-minded, interesting people. Because it’s online, you can develop new business relationships rapidly from the convenience of your office, a coffee shop, your sofa, or wherever you like to work from.

We put on regular face-to-face events throughout the year though, so you’ll get to meet fellow Academy members in person, too!

What if it doesn't work for me?

The goal is to help make networking less stressful and more successful for you. To make it a no-brainer, our Group course is backed by the DARWIN Difference Guarantee. You can find out more about the DARWIN Difference Guarantee - here.

Any further questions?

If there’s anything you’d like to ask that isn’t answered in these FAQs or you have a personal question you'd like to ask me,  I’d be happy to help you. That's why I’m freeing up 15-minute slots in my diary to do just that. Grab a time that works for you right here.

Speak soon, Mikey.