Has networking stopped working for you? Here’s how to get back to winning ways

Let’s go back to the drawing board with networking training, so you can make the most of every meeting

Have you been struggling to win work from networking meetings lately? Referrals and 1-2-1s drying up?

It’s the same people, same place, same time, week after week – it’s not surprising it has become a bit stale for you.

But the good news? There is a way to get your networking mojo back, and start seeing the success you’ve enjoyed before. The answer's with networking training.

Here at DARWIN.vip, we have been to many networking meetings over the years, running as well as attending several groups, so we’ve picked up a good chunk of knowledge along the way.

By sticking with networking and rethinking your approach, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to:

  • Boost your network
  • Meet more of the right clients
  • Grow your business!

We want you to achieve all your business goals, and with our approach here at DARWIN.vip, that means you need to stick with networking. Through the Academy, we have already helped many business owners just like you to start seeing referrals come through, leading to winning work through networking – we want to help you experience that same success.

Here at DARWIN.vip, we’ve built entire courses around maximising every networking meeting, and we’d love for you to get stuck in with that material and start seeing results.

As a networking veteran, you already know the ropes, but our course can make sure you’re maximising every opportunity that comes your way – with DARWIN.vip, know how to best prepare for meetings, get your confidence back when it comes to networking, and find out who you should focus your attention on.

It pays to be prepared, with networking training

If you’re heading to a new networking group, do your research and read up on who usually goes. Find them on LinkedIn and take a look at their websites, too. If you write a few notes down about each person, you’ll have some ready-made conversation starters that will help you build those all-important relationships.

Have you practiced your 60-second pitch and 10-minute presentation lately? Go over them and make sure they’re spot on, and keep on going over them until your networking meeting.

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Let your confidence shine through

You know what to expect, as you’ve been to enough networking meetings now, but it’s still natural to feel nervous. Especially if you’re joining a new group.

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, enjoy yourself and set achievable targets. If you decide you want to have one conversation then aim for that, and it’ll give you a confidence boost when you achieve it!

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How do I know who I should be talking to?

If you research who will be at your networking meeting, you should be able to spot who’s a good fit for your business – your ideal audience. Speak to people you’ve identified as prospects, as they’re more likely to turn into clients!

Although it would be easy to discount people you don’t see as prospects, remember not to rule anyone out, as you never know who might end up being your best referral provider.

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Ready to make networking work for you again?

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Still not sure about your next steps? Roderick Sam, Financial Adviser at Goldby Wealth Management, had been struggling with networking, and wasn’t sure how to start getting referrals from it again, which is when he joined us at DARWIN.vip. Here’s what he had to say:

Mikey and the DARWIN Academy came along at the right time. The Academy gave me the tools and clarity about what I should be doing and how I should be doing it.’

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