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Do you really want to grow your business, but need more leads and referrals?

Are you struggling to consistently generate high-quality leads, and aren’t seeing as many referrals as you’d like coming your way?

Well, we happen to know that business networking’s a brilliant way to start seeing the success
you’ve been hoping for, and growing your professional network will most definitely benefit your business. It’s a fantastic way to meet people who you want to work with, and who would like to work with you!

Are you new to networking? Well, as with anything, it can be tough taking that first step and going to a new meeting. Or, have you been networking before? It can really wear you down when you’re not getting the results you know you can achieve, even though you’re putting all the effort in.

Either way, there’s good news! Those issues can soon be a distant memory, thanks to…

The DIY Online Course

Whether you’re a complete newbie or you’ve been around the networking block a few times, our DIY online
course can unlock the door to networking success.

The team has tonnes of networking experience. Our team can provide you with all that you need to capitalise on every networking opportunity, which will help you to generate more leads and referrals, and ultimately, result in business growth!

And the best bit about our DIY course? You can complete it at your own pace, from anywhere with Wi-Fi, so it’s completely flexible – your login details will not expire.

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When you sign up to our DIY online course, you’ll be sent an email with your login details, and you can get started straightaway! It’s as simple as that. You could soon be able to:

Identify your ideal audience, so you know who to aim for

Perfect your 60-second pitch and presentation

Find out how to maximise networking opportunities

Generate more leads and referrals!

What will I learn on the course?

Our DIY online course is totally flexible. You can complete it on the sofa, in the office, on the train… and whenever you want, so squeeze in five minutes before a call, or half an hour in-between meetings. The choice is yours! This is what the course covers:


1: Mindset and goal-setting

Decide on exactly what you’d like to achieve.


2: Learn the networking principles

Identify your ideal target audience and polish your all-important 60-second pitch!


3: Get your process in place

Find out how to spot your best referral partners, plus how to appeal to them.


4: Perfect the process

Learn how to schedule more 1-2-1s, along with how to make them worthwhile.


5: Generate more opportunities

Create a brilliant presentation, and get feedback on it!


6: Refine and optimise

Be confident knowing who your ideal clients are and where you can find them!


Join us today to bag yourself these free extras!

Bonus 1
Digital business card (£20)

By enrolling onto our DIY online course, get yourself a free digital business card worth £20.

Networking is so much easier when you have a digital business card at the ready, enabling you to share your contact details in an instant. On top of that, it looks much more professional than the dog-eared alternative.

Bonus 2
Magic 6 notebook (£20)

Are you scared of awkward silences? Never be short of questions to ask fellow networkers, with your Magic 6 notebook!

Find six questions on each page, helping you to make the most of every networking opportunity. Get yours as a gift with our DIY online course! Gain the confidence to move forward equipped with all your new skills and knowledge, so you can hit the ground running with your chosen networking group.

About the founder, Michael Thomas

It was all the way back in 2011 when Michael started his own marketing consultancy, which is still going strong. As part of his business growth plan, Michael attended several networking events, even leading some and contributing to their growth. In doing so, he made networking his most consistent source of business. On top of that, this success is what led Michael to launch the academy, so he could help people in the same position he once was to enjoy success through networking.


Here’s what people are saying…

Afshan Baksh

Director –

Transformation Space

'Mikey’s course is fabulous – hard work – he makes you really reflect and think and doesn’t let you get away with being specific – great guidance.'

Katy Osborne

Director – KOVA

'I feel so much more in control of who my ideal clients are and how to get those opportunities. I totally loved taking part in this… I’ve had referrals as well as work from it. Thanks Mikey!'

Hana Smiddy

Business Coach

– Action Coach

'Such a brilliant course Michael Thomas and this is just the beginning!'

Effective networking has the power to unlock doors

When done right, networking offers more opportunities than you can shake a stick at – and most of the time, they’re valuable, viable opportunities rather than dead ends.

Networking has been the most consistent stream of business for our founder’s marketing agency for over a decade, bringing in more than £500,000 worth of work in the past few years alone. Is this the kind of stability you’d like for your business, too?

Yes, you do have to be willing to invest time and money in networking groups in order to make it work, but the skills you’ll learn on our DIY course will help you get into a profitable position sooner rather than later, making it all massively worthwhile.

DIY Online Course



  • All sessions accessible online
  • Complete the course at your own pace
  • Learn how to network wherever you are
DIY COURSE + online community access pass



  • Online group sessions
  • Sessions once a week for eight weeks
  • In-group feedback from our founder
DIY Online Course



  • All sessions accessible online
  • Complete the course at your own pace
  • Learn how to network wherever you are
DIY COURSE + online community access pass



  • Online group sessions
  • Sessions once a week for eight weeks
  • In-group feedback from our founder

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'If our DIY online networking course offers the flexibility you need, sign up today and take it at your own pace. I’m pleased to say that feedback from the DIY course has been fantastic so far, so there’s no doubt in my mind that it’ll help you to achieve your business growth goals by giving you all the networking skills you need. Give me a shout if you have any questions!’

Michael Thomas, Founder

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