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Come visit us at our business networking events. 

We're a community of passionate, professional business owners.

Do you find a lot of networking groups don’t feel like a family? Or perhaps you’ve met a lot of people who aren’t right for you.

Whatever the case, with the DARWIN.vip Community, you’re never alone. 

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Are you thinking about joining the DARWIN.vip family?

Or have you already joined and are still working your way through your course? 

If you tick either of these boxes then this means you’re not yet part of the DARWIN.vip Networking Community… yet.

Don’t worry, as it doesn’t have to stay this way for long!

If you’ve already joined the Academy, you’ll no doubt already know the calibre of our graduates. And these are the people who attend all our fabulous events, including the BIG Christmas Do.

Most of our events are exclusively for our graduates, who all became members of our Community once they completed their courses. 

But once a month, we run Open Events! These offer opportunities for non-graduates and non-members to get a glimpse of the action and see what the fuss is all about.

Non-members are allowed a one-off pass to visit our exclusive group online at these Open Events, and it only costs £15. That’s less than a meal out!

**Is networking more valuable than a couple of coffees?**

Meet our members at our business networking events

Graduating from one of our courses and an invite to our exclusive community gives you the opportunity to meet a whole load of likeminded people. If you’re yet to embark on one of our DARWIN Networking Academy courses, or you’re partway through, you are currently missing out on our Community.

But in true DARWIN spirit, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to meet our members at one of our exclusive business networking events. By speaking to people who have already graduated, you can find out how much their course and being part of the community have benefitted them.

It's also highly likely that you'd get to meet Michael Thomas, founder of DARWIN.vip!

Grow your network

If you’re interested in networking, it probably goes without saying that you would like to meet more businessfolk!

By joining one of our business networking events, you’ll get to meet a whole host of our Community members and grow your network directly. Additionally, you’ll also have the opportunity to go further and tap into their networks through referrals.

With the DARWIN.vip Networking Academy and the Community, there are so many possibilities.

Be a part of something special

The Academy and Community are only going to get bigger, with more and more people just like you signing up to our courses and business networking events.

Join now and make the most of our courses and growing numbers as we develop.

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FYI: Tickets for our Open Events cost £15 per person, and are payable via a booking page we'll send you, so it’s incredibly simple to join us for your taster session. As a visitor, you’ll get opportunities to expand your network.