Our Group Business Networking Online Course

Learn the ropes on our business networking online course, with a great group of business owners, just like you.

Do you want to build great relationships, get better results and grow your business?

Do you enjoy learning in a group setting, with a bunch of likeminded businessfolk to bounce ideas around with, who help you make more of every meeting?

Then our group business networking online course may be just the ticket.

Make networking work for you, with our business networking online course

This course is designed to get you results, based on our proven approach to networking success.

What makes this course so special and sets it apart from our Fast-Track and DIY courses?

Well, in this course, you get additional support from the group of people embarking on the journey with you. We obviously can’t guarantee it, but if we go by our past group courses, it’s highly likely that these business owners will become part of your professional network!

For eight weeks, you’ll join online sessions together, discuss everything you learn, share ideas and experiences, and really support each other to make it to the end of the course – and that’s when you’ll get to join our exclusive Community of graduates.

You’ll get personal 1-2-1 attention in group sessions, so you’ll see exactly how all the course content relates directly to your situation, but it’s available at a lower price point than our Fast-Track Course, and it’s not over two jam-packed half-day sessions.

Access networking know-how that really works

If you’d like to work together with a group of ambitious business owners to improve your fortunes, and you’d like to develop some amazing relationships as an added bonus, discover our in-depth business networking online group course today at the DARWIN.vip Networking Academy.

Excited? Scroll down and find out all about it.

On our group business networking online course, you'll learn how to:

Communicate better

This business networking online course has been specially designed to help you nail your 60-second pitches, polish your 10-minute presentations, and get noticed way more often.

attract better clients

If you’ve found yourself attracting different types of clients – a real mixed bag of sorts – then this course is for you. It’ll focus your attention with your group to target the right kind of clients. Throughout the course, you’ll get better and better at attracting the kind of clients you REALLY want.

grow your business

This course is all about making the biggest impact possible in the shortest amount of time. As you progress, you’ll work with the DARWIN Networking Academy team and your fellow group members to help you grow your business, by attracting clients you LOVE working with.

Sounds good, right?

Well, if that wasn’t enough already…on top of that, you’ll also build your network! With more people spreading the word about how good you are by championing you to their own clients, you’ll get more business opportunities, and that can only be a good thing.

Spaces are limited – as we like to keep our groups small and intimate to ensure that all members have a good share of 1-2-1 time – so if you’d like to secure your place on our next group business networking online course, join our waiting list to make sure you get notified first when it’s open for booking.

Once you’ve completed the DARWIN.vip Academy’s Business Networking Online Group Course, you’ll be able to:

Network more confidently

Present powerfully 

Be in more of the right places

Attract the right clients

Grow your business

Measure exactly what's working and what isn't

And you'll have a team of other business owners, with you to help you succeed.

Proven success is just a click away. Here's what a recent .vip Graduate had to say...

Bob Grace, Personal Travel Consultant with Not Just Travel, had this to say when he’d just completed the course:

I joined the Academy to sharpen my skillset in how I present myself in Networking meetings. So far, the course has helped my refine my 60-second pitch(es), kickstarted my 1-2-1 activity, and pushed me to broaden the networking I do. Networking is key to growing my business and I need to stand out from the crowd, catch people’s attention and make sure they have an easily memorable request from me."

If you want to kickstart your networking activity like Bob, you know what to do – sign up for the DARWIN.vip Academy’s DIY business networking online course right here, right now, and start creating the future success you deserve.

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