Our Corporate Collection Team Training Course

Networking know-how tailored to you

Has networking fallen by the wayside in your workplace? Do you want to start attracting a whole host of new clients in your ideal audience, with a team training course tailored to you?

If you run a company that needs a boost in business growth, we’re here to help. We can equip your team to make the most of every networking meeting, putting your business in the best possible position.

Whether you don’t have enough hours in your working day to go to networking meetings yourself, or if you’d like your team to learn the ropes, the DARWIN.vip Networking Academy is here to help with our team training course. With over a decade of experience attending and running groups, our Founder, Michael Thomas, is the man for the job.

How our Corporate Collection team training programme works

Here at the DARWIN Networking Academy, we tailor every single Corporate Collection team training programme to the individual business, as we appreciate that every company’s requirements are different.

Our Corporate Collection team training programme is spread over two half-days. We can carry the sessions out at your workplace, or in one of our flexible training locations in Manchester, Birmingham or London. We can, of course, also offer the sessions online if that’s what would suit you best.

Can’t wait to get started? Neither can we!

In our team training programme, your team will learn how to:

  • Simplify the way they communicate

  • Attract better clients

  • Grow your business even faster

A team training programme created just for your business

As this is a specific course built around you and your business, we’ll work with you to decide on the structure and delivery of this. Work with us, to a schedule that suits you, and we’ll get your staff up to speed on how to make the most of every networking opportunity to benefit your business.

Speak to the DARWIN.vip Networking Academy team today to find out how we can help your business excel in the world of networking. Undoubtedly, we'll be able to contribute significantly to your success with our team training programme.

Sounds good, right?

Well, if that wasn’t enough already… on top of that, you’ll also build your network! With more people spreading the word about how good you are by championing your business to their own clients, you’ll get more business opportunities. Surely, that can only be a good thing.

Spaces are limited throughout the year, as our team training programme slots require dedicated time from our founder, Michael. So, if you’d like to enquire about how we can help you get more from your networking endeavours, click below.

Once your team members have completed the DARWIN.vip Networking Academy’s team training programme, they’ll be able to:

Network more confidently

Present powerfully 

Be in more of the right places

Attract more of the right clients

Grow your business faster

Measure exactly what's working and what isn't

Proven success is just a click away. Here's what others had to say...

Bob Grace, Personal Travel Consultant with Not Just Travel, had this to say when he’d just completed the course:

I joined the Academy to sharpen my skillset in how I present myself in Networking meetings. So far, the course has helped my refine my 60-second pitch(es), kickstarted my 1-2-1 activity, and pushed me to broaden the networking I do. Networking is key to growing my business and I need to stand out from the crowd, catch people’s attention and make sure they have an easily memorable request from me."

If you want to improve your team's networking fortunes, you know what to do – enquire right now, and start creating the future success you and your team deserve.

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