How the Academy came to be

The founder, Michael Thomas (Mikey), has always had an innate desire to help people. This, combined with his degree in marketing, led him to help people in the business world, giving them all the tools they could possibly need to maximise their success and take things up a level.

Home of DARWIN, Mikey’s marketing agency, is still going strong, and it’s largely down to relationships built through business networking. For over a decade now, Mikey has been a keen networker himself, running and attending groups online and in person, bringing tonnes of business to the Home of DARWIN door.

It was during the pandemic that the lightbulb moment came, following many conversations about how Mikey had made networking work so well for himself. He realised he could support so many more people to achieve their business goals by helping them make the most of business networking, just as he had been doing for so many years.

Now, is here, and it’s intuitive, accessible and working wonders for business owners around the world.

Who we help

  • Companies
  • Franchisees
  • Network Organisers
  • Creatives
  • Small Business Owners

What success looks like with

We’re really proud of what our members have managed to achieve since being part of the community. Check out our Member Success page to see what they had to say about the Academy once they’d graduated!

And don’t forget, we offer the DARWIN Difference Guarantee on many of our courses, which means you either get better at networking, or you get your money back! That’s how confident we are that you’ll see success with us, just like so many graduates who have come before you.

What the future looks like with

Here at, we never stop developing our offering, as we want to make it as useful and valuable as possible to our current and future members.

We’re always beavering away creating new course content, and dishing out helpful titbits to share – keep an eye out, as you never know when you’ll see a nugget that’ll really help you and your business!

Our goal is to build a place where business owners can come to learn, connect and grow together, so we will keep on improving our offering to make sure that’s always the case, and to ensure that our members are always getting value from

Do you want to join the team?

We always keep one eye open, just in case our perfect fit enters the world!

Although we aren’t actively recruiting right now, fill out the form below and attach your CV, and we’ll be in touch if any suitable opportunities come available. We’re not just saying that, we actually will get back to you, hand on heart.

We always love to hear from people who like what we’re doing here at and want to join our cause, so please do reach out if you believe you can make our brilliant team even better.

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