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Get off the networking merry-go-round

You know the drill with networking. You dust off your suit, show up at 6am and eagerly enter that big room of strangers. It feels like the first day of school where everyone seems to know each other, all in little cliques. And while you’re a credible entrepreneur, you feel alone.

Everyone talks the talk, you make some new contacts over breakfast and leave with a bunch of business cards. Days pass, weeks fly by and not one of those 30 contacts turns into a lead.

Are you stuck in a cycle of networking nonsense?

Meet new people -> Collect business cards -> No leads -> Show up -> Repeat -> Leave with nothing.

You probably wonder if there’s a better way. Whether you can break the cycle and actually find an approach that generates high-quality leads consistently and also creates more referrals with ease.

Well, what if there was a business academy out there that could help?

We’re here to tell you, there is.

It’s called the Networking Academy, and it’s where networkers go to grow.

Our business academy is based on more than a decade of networking know-how, backed by established mentors. It’s proven to boost leads and nurture relationships, as well as elevate personal development.

And, the result? Greater confidence and a sure-fire way to win more business.

A community where you belong

With the Networking Academy’s exclusive community, you’re never alone.

Graduate from any of our courses and you’ll be invited to join our business academy's community. This is an exclusive place to meet other serious, passionate networkers and business owners, online and offline, and grow together.

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What some of our business academy members had to say...

"Such a brilliant course, and this is just the beginning! I've sent off requests to present at a number of networking events coming up ????"


Business Growth Specialist at Action Coach Warwick

"I've finally completed it! I've sent those all-important emails off to take the lead and I feel so much more in control of who my ideal clients are and how to get those opportunities. I totally love being a part of this!"


"Mikey and the Darwin Networking Academy came at the right time, he gave me the tool and clarity about what I should be doing and how I should be doing it, I now have the confidence to approach networking in the right way."


Independent Financial Advisor